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Civitanova del Sannio

Civitanova del Sannio is a small town of medieval origin lying in the hills of Upper Molise. The historic center offers a succession of picturesque views where every corner seems to stand still in time. In the harmony of the simple life of its inhabitants, where tranquility reigns, landmarks stand out, identity places to visit without question where natural beauty blends with architectural beauty, creating a magical and enchanting atmosphere.

Civitanova del Sannio

Civitanova del Sannio is ancient land. Although the origin of the town dates back to medieval times, the richness of its territory has captivated man since ‘prehistoric times. They date back to the Upper Paleolithic, in fact, the earliest traces of rock painting in the Morricone del Pesco shelter, the oldest in Molise, just a few kilometers from the town and right next to the Castel di Sangro-Lucera sheep-track. Downstream of the Montagnola Molisana, a karst mountain range that has been declared a SCI area for its environmental and naturalistic value, the village is a well-deserved stop for many hikers who decide to walk the renowned Sentiero Frassati (Frassati Trail) and visit the Samnite fortifications in Le Caselle locality. Fascinating is the “ghost” lake of San Lorenzo, fed by melting high-altitude snow and visible only until the summer period.

The walk through the village fills the eyes with beauty. One of the ancient entrance doors is, today, a striking passageway where the huge worked chandelier embellishes the access to the small church of San Rocco. The many ornate stone portals accompany visitors on the walkway that runs along Corso Cardarelli. The scenic civic clock tower precedes the shadowy Church of St. Sylvester Pope, which preserves a magnificent wooden coffered ceiling dated 1668 and splendid Baroque altars. The Pincio Creek flows between the old houses on River Street. Absolutely not to be missed are the ruins of the monastery church of de Jumento Albo dating back to the 11th century. Dedicated to St. Brigid, this church offers one of the rare examples of a bell tower on the façade.

A distinguished Civitanovese, Antonio Cardarelli was one of the most important physicians of the late 1800s. Hospitals in Naples and Campobasso are named after him. Famous for his “clinical eye,” thanks to which he could diagnose diseases in apparently healthy people, he was also a Senator of the Kingdom of Italy. The beautiful family mansion is preserved in the village. Through his intercession free water was guaranteed to all the inhabitants of Civitanova by a Royal Decree still in force today.

Civitanova del Sannio



ALTITUDE: 656 m above sea level.

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The “Walk of the Country Churches” is an outdoor trail of about 90 kilometers connecting 9 historical centers 15 small churches scattered throughout the territory of Agnone, Belmonte del Sannio, Capracotta, Castel del Giudice, Castelverrino, Civitanova del Sannio, Pescopennataro, Poggio Sannita e Sant’Angelo del Pesco.

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