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Pescopennataro is undoubtedly among the most picturesque municipalities in Upper Molise because of the wide scenery offered by the Sangro valley and the surrounding heights. In an enviable scenic location, a rocky outcrop on which the upper part of the town is grafted, it was founded in Norman times. A country of fine stone masons who have left precious testimonies, Pescopennataro is for this reason referred to as“Stone Country,” as well as being celebrated as the“Country of Firs” as an area of high landscape value.

Municipality of Pescopennataro

Pescopennataro has rock in its veins. It is the bare stone that shapes houses, supports them, comforts them on windy spring days. It is magnificent in the grandeur of its rocky spur, guarding the Sangro Valley from which it is only a few kilometers away. At 1190 meters above sea level, it offers a unique sight from its viewpoint between two high rock walls.
You arrive at the beautiful parish church of St. Bartholomew the Apostle through a narrow stone passageway reminiscent of fairy-tale entrances to sacred mountains. On the left, the ruins of old dwellings, destroyed during World War II, recall a now distant past of lives leaning against each other. The medieval entrance arch (Porta di sopra) preceding the church remains clearly visible, a reminder of the fortified nucleus, now gone. Inside, the magnificent gilded wooden ciborium from 1699 leaves one spellbound by the quality and minuteness of its details.

The country is well known for its stone processing. Its stonemasons, over the centuries, became famous in neighboring territories and even overseas as a result of migration. Today, only one young craftsman remains in the village with his workshop, which can be visited in the summer. Very interesting is the Stone Museum (reservations required) where it is possible to trace the history of the area’s long vocation for the use of this natural material.
For walkers, the Pinocchio Park trail, embellished with stone installations, is taken from the village. The area is rich in nature trails and cross-country skiing trails. Absolutely not to be missed is the spectacular Hermitage of St. Luke.

The headwaters of Rio Verde, just downstream from the village, offer a perfect place for picnics and picnic outings due to the presence of a picnic area. However, not many people know that this place was frequented since prehistoric times. Right here, hundreds of Neolithic blades made by a small community living in the area have been recovered over the years. The artifacts are displayed in the Stone Museum.




ALTITUDE: 1190 m above sea level.

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The “Walk of the Country Churches” is an outdoor trail of about 90 kilometers connecting 9 historical centers e 15 small churches scattered throughout the territory of Agnone, Belmonte del Sannio, Capracotta, Castel del Giudice, Castelverrino, Civitanova del Sannio, Pescopennataro, Poggio Sannita e Sant’Angelo del Pesco.

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